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Presentation at the 1996 Taiji Conference

Internal Arts Lineage
Qi Gong Yang Taiji Chen Taiji Bagua Zhang Xing-I Quan Sun Quan
  Yang Shou Hou Chen Yanxi Cheng Ting Hua Guo Yun Shen Taiji/ Bagua
Tian Shan - Emei Shan Tian ZhaoLin  -  Hsiung Yangho Chen Fake Zhang ZhaoTung Liu Bin Cheng Yulung Wei Fangshi Wang Xiang Zhai Sun Lu Tang
           '        - Abbot Kung  Shi Dao Mei                          Feng Zhiqiang - Tian Xiaochen Wang Xujin Lui Xinhan Sun Xikun Wang Xujin Yuan Dao Fook Yueng                         
Fook Yueng - T.T. Tchoung T.T. Tchoung Gao Fu T.T. Tchoung Zhang Jie T.Y. Pang T.T. Tchoung                               T.T. Tchoung
Andrew T. Dale


Wing Chun / N & S Mantis / Taiji Quan / Bagua Zhang / Monkey Style Yueng Quan / Aikijujitsu / Taiji Quan / Bagua Zhang / Karate
Yueng Quan Red Boat Style/ Tian Shan Gong Harris Shoshin Ryu
Master Fook Yueng Sensei Dave Harris
Andrew T. Dale


Hirata - Tohei - Lau

Aiki Lineage
Aikido Aiki Jujitsu
Morihei Uyeshiba (founder) Sid Woodcock Icho Ryu
Bernie Lau
Koichi Tohei Mitsugi Saotome
Yoshihiko Hirata    -    Koichi Kashiwaya Sado Yoshioka Y. Yamamoto
Bernie Lau
Andrew T. Dale


Dale is the chief instructor and founder of Taoist Movement Arts / Xin Qi Shen Dojo. He has been continuously training in the internal martial arts since 1968.  In addition to the internal arts listed above his other studies and training include Aikido (sandan), Aikijujitsu (rokudan), Judo (ikkyu), Shito Ryu Karate, Red Boat Wing Chun, Yueng Quan, Harris Shoshin Ryu, Wu and Sun Taiji Quan. 

In 1973 he began teaching Aikido under the guidance of Yoshihiko Hirata, a student of the founder and disciple of Koichi Tohei. In 1974 Dale was a founding member of the Washington Aikikai.  He began teaching Yang Taiji Quan in 1974 under the guidance of Grandmaster Tchoung Ta Tchen. He was one of 5 who established the NorthWest Tai Chi Chuan Association as a branch of the Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association of Canada. in 1976 Master Tchoung presented him with a teaching certificate in the old Yang Taiji system.  Master Tchoung trained him in the Yang Shouhou method of Taiji Quan, Wang Xujin & Sun Bagua Zhang, Emei Qi Gong, and Xing-I Quan.  In 1996 at Master Tchoung"s request he presented a Bagua seminar for the Vancouver Taiji Conference.  Dale's study and practice also includes Chen Taiji Quan and Chen Xin Yi Huayuan Taiji with Master Gao Fu since 1987.  He is also qualified to teach the Tian Shan Gong method under the direction of Master Fook Yueng.  In September 2000 he was presented with Master Yueng's family sword as a member of his lineage.  In July 2001 he had the privilege to train briefly with Chen Taiji Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.  Dale's Bagua teachers include Tchoung Ta Tchen (Wang Xujin Cheng Ting Hua Method), Pang Tse Yao (Cheng Ting Hua Six Harmonies Method), and Zhang Jie (Cheng Ting Hua Liu Bin Nine Palace Method).  Though his emphasis is on the Cheng Ting Hua Bagua Methods, he also researches and practices Fu Bagua.  Dale has also studied Yueng Quan with master Fook Yueng and  Harris Sensei, Master Yueng's top student.

Dale currently focuses his practice and study on the internal arts for health, depth, and research purposes.  He has conducted demonstrations, classes and seminars in: Vancouver B.C., Nelson B.C., Skudeneshavn (Norway), Los Angeles (CA), Spokane - Anacortes - Mt. Vernon - Tacoma - Port Townsend - Walla Walla (WA), and Bandon (OR).  He organizes the yearly retreat in Bandon, Oregon.

Dale's interest includes the entire spectrum of the internal arts: meditative, qi gong, form work, partner applications, weaponry, healing, and personal growth.  His belief is that the arts include them all and they can't be separated in ones' practice or study. Though interested in the philosophy and history of the arts he prefers the practices instead of discussions on them.
He has been writing the Xin Qi Shen Dojo newsletter since 1980 as an aid, guide, and information for the members of his club.
Past copies can be accessed at:

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Dale is ranked shodan (1st degree) in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido awarded by Koichi Tohei, sandan (3rd degree) in Hombu Aikido and rokudan (6th degree) in Icho Ryu Aikijujitsu.  Dale's primary Aiki instructors have been:  Bernie Lau, Yoshihiko Hirata, Sid Woodcock, Koichi Kashiwaya, and Mitsugi Saotome.  Dale has also been fortunate to study briefly with Koichi Tohei, Rod Kobayashi, Fumio Toyoda, T. Makiyama, S. Imaizumi, K. Maruyama, H. Ikeda, Sado Yoshioka, Kiyoyuki Terata, and Don Angier.



"It's my belief that the internal styles have become too stylized and the principles of the internal arts are overlooked. Teachers are worshiped instead of students seeking to learn the art. Students and teachers seem to be concerned with looking exactly like their teachers, or pictures of the masters, instead of studying how the principles of the internal arts teach and improve our lives. Or how to apply the lessons of the art to their own body and lives."

"Students of the Xin Qi Shen Dojo are here to study the art, principles and functions. It's more important to have one movement that is understood and natural than to know several forms superficially.  Quality and integrity, not quantity or performance."

"Students should practice instead of theorize.
Walk the talk, demonstrate the principles.
Thinking or talking about eating doesn't satisfy your appetite."

"Just think about the practice time wasted writing blogs!"