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There are some DVD clips on our facebook page


Sun Taiji Dojo Forms
Symmetrical Solo Form - Partner Form - Broadsword - Fajin Form
This DVD is not instructional but we have broken down the forms
 into its various sections to study.


$35.00 @

Master Fook Yueng
This is a collection of Master Yueng's
(in his 80's) demonstrations
and performances. Included are Tian Shan Qi Gong and
a rare clip of Master Yueng demonstrating a Mantis Form.

Master Yueng 1993
This is an hour session at the Xin Qi Shen Dojo Video Night with Master Yueng
answering questions and demonstrating mantis and wing chun techniques and showing
some applciations of the Bagua needles. The end of the video he talks about Tian Shan Qi Gong
and does some healing work.
This video is not edited to capture the experience of hanging around master Yueng and Harris sensei.

Master Tchoung Ta Tchen
Taiji solo form, sanshou, push hands, sword, fast form, and Xing Yi Quan. The first clip taken in South Africa in 1970, then 1972 Seattle, and 1994 Vancouver class.

Master Gao Fu
Madame Gao Fu was a treasure in the NW. Starting with her Chen and Yang demonstration in Sweden it also includes her full demonstration in 1989 at the Seattle Nipponkan Theater.
Master Koichi Tohei
Rare footage of Tohei sensei teaching a black belt class in Hawaii and his demonstrations while visiting Seattle in 1973 & 1974.

Master's series


Vol. #1
Bagua Basics
Qi Gong, Walking Patterns, Inner Palms, Basic Drills
Vol. #2
Bagua 8 Changes
4 different methods of the 8 changes, Dragon Palm & Liang Yi Form
Vol. #3
Bagua Weapons
Crescent knives, Saber, Sword, Staff, Cane
Vol #4
Bagua Training Forms
8 striking elbows, fists, palms, linking palms & more
Vol #5
Bagua 24 Animal Palms
Liu Bin's 24 Animal Changes
Vol #6
Bagua Xing Yi
Liu Bin's Bagua Xing Yi 24 Form
Vol #7
Bagua 64 Palms
Liu De Kuan's 64 Palm Changes
Bagua Series

$40.00 @

$30.00 @

Harris Early Years
Sensei demonstrating knife, rings, and  free hands
Harris Vol. #1
Yueng Quan Demonstration & workshop 8/8/2006
Harris Vol. #2
Grasping sparrow's tail application workshop
Harris Vol. #3
2005 Soft Arts Festival
Harris Vol. #4
1992, 1993, 1994, 1997 classes and demonstrations
Harris Vol. #5
1996 Vancouver Taiji Conference workshop & demonstration
Harris Vol. #6
1997 workshop in Victoria. This is an excellent 2hr session
 with Dave teaching and demonstrating.
Harris Sensei
Chen Taiji Basics
Basic drills, short form, 10 movement form
Chen Taiji Quan
Nei Gong Bang, 48 & 96 form, Pao Chui, Sword, Saber
Yang Taiji Quan #1
Basic exercises & short form
Yang Taiji Quan #2
Yang symmetrical long form, solo sanshou & fast form.
Yang Taiji Quan #5
Broadsword, Sword, Cane, Spear, Staff
Taiji Sanshou
Traditional Taiji Partner Set
Taiji Tuishou
20 basic drills, set & stepping patterns, Da Lu


Taiji Series

$30.00 @

$30.00 @

Qi Gong Vol #1
Chan Si Gong, Bagua Qi Gong, Wild Goose Qi Gong, Omei Qi Gong
Qi Gong Vol #2
Fan Sung Gong, Tian Shan Qi Gong, Yang Taiji Qi Gong, Nei Gong Bang
Taiji Series
Aiki Jo
22 movement form, Tenkan form, Partner Aikijo, Partner Cane