Dave Harris Sensei
June 10. 1939 - September 10, 2008
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Yueng Quan
Shoshin Ryu Aikijitsu
Harris sensei's club was in continual
 operation in Seattle since the early 1960's to 2008.
The oldest martial arts club in Seattle.


Aikido - Aikijujitsu - Yueng Quan - Yang Taiji Quan - Bagua Zhang
Xing Yi Quan - Red Boat Wing Chun - N&S Praying Mantis - Shito Ryu Karate
Te Ken Kapu Kai Kenpo Karate

Raymond Chung - Fook Yueng - Sid Woodcock - Tchoung Ta Tchen
Koichi Tohei - T.Y. Pang - Madame Gao Fu - Master Zhang Jie

When an Aikidoka saw Dave they thought it was highly skilled Aikido. A Wing Chun student assumed he was doing soft style Wing Chun. Similarly a Taiji person assumed Dave's art was Taiji, as a Bagua practitioner thought it was Bagua.

After over 45 years of intensive study in the martial arts they were all one to Dave.
His footwork was Bagua, his balance stealing and throws were Aikijitsu, his trapping hands wing chun & mantis, his postures look Taiji.  When he's subtle it looks like Taiji, when direct it's Xing Yi.  He had the full range to be soft and light, or direct and penetrating.

His personal style goes by several names.  Early on it was Karate Jitsu, then Shoshin Ryu Aikijitsu (beginner's mind techniques of blending), he jokingly referred to his system as: 'The Fools School of Traditional Eclectic Improvisational Chinese Hand Dance.' More correctly called Yueng Quan.  Dave was the longest continual student of Master Fook Yueng and perhaps his most brilliant student. Master Yueng referred to him as son.

In the 1960's - 1990's, whenever a martial arts master arrived in Seattle, Dave found the time to study with them.  He's been a continual student of Master Fook Yueng since the early 1960's.  During this time Dave would take frequent trips to Richmond, WA to study Aikijitsu with Master Sid Woodcock.  In the late 1960's he became a student of Taiji Master Raymond Chung (
a good friend of Master Yueng's) and learned the entire traditional Yang Cheng Fu system from Master Chung.  After Master Chung wasn't able to continue to teach in Seattle, Dave went up to Vancouver B.C. to seek another Taiji teacher to come to Seattle.  Dave is responsible for Master Tchoung Ta Tchen  teaching in Seattle.  Dave was one of 5 people who studied with Master Tchoung who received a teaching certification after 6 years of study. In addition to learning Taiji from Master Tchoung, he also learned Bagua and Xing Yi Quan.

When internal arts master T.Y. Pang first began to teach in Seattle, Dave was one of the first to sign up.  Dave studied the Yang (Tung Family) Taiji method and Pang's Bagua Zhang for several years.  When Aikido master Koichi Tohei was teaching in Seattle, Dave was in each session he could manage. Similarly, when Aikijutsu Soke Don Angier was teaching workshops in Seattle, Dave was there.
In the late 1980's Dave attended as many workshops with Chen Taiji master Gao Fu that his schedule would permit.  In the 1990's when Bagua master Zhang Jie arrived in Seattle, again, Dave was one of the first to sign up and took private lessons for several years. There have been many other workshops with visiting teachers but you get the idea.  

As in the tradition of Master Yueng, Dave's pursuit of the arts was to have fun and play, not fighting. Though a highly skilled martial artist, Dave's practice was the study of energy in movement and the dynamics of balance, intent, and momentum.  It's not about throwing or hitting someone, it's the interaction of energy, the conversation and possibilities that happens when one person directs force at another. 

The common experience ukes (partners) have when working with Dave is that every movement done to respond or counter is the wrong one.  Dave surfed the action and let the uke just trip over themselves.  His touch was so light that there was no feeling of being thrown or manipulated. Just as a musician doesn't just sit down and play Jazz, Dave internalized his training to the point that everything he did was Jazz. 

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