Tchoung, Ta Tchen
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Aug 23,1911 - Feb 22, 2000

"The form is the alphabet, tuishou and sanshou is practicing reading and writing.
The ability to read and write is what makes the alphabet useful.

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Grandmaster Tchoung was  the master  and founder of the Chinese Tai Chi Association of Canada and the Northwest Tai Chi Chuan Association. Master Tchoung's view was that in order to truly understand Tai Chi Chuan one must practice push hands and Sanshou understanding the usage of all movement within the Tai Chi form. He also taught the use and functions of Sword, Broadsword, Staff, and Knife.

"Every part of the form has a use, there is no part just for looks

Qi Gong

Tzu Jan Pai

Yang Taiji Quan

Bagua Zhang

Xing I Quan




Hui Kung

(Nature boxing)

Yang Chien Hou


Li Neng Ran    


Yang Shou Hou

Tung Hai Quan

  Gao Yun Shen

Tu Xin Wu

Tian Zhao Lin

Zhang Zhao Dong

Wu Yun Ting   -  Wang Xiang Zhai

Hsiung Chienyuan

Shi Dao Mei

Wang Xu Jin

Yuan Tao  -  Wang Xu Jin

Tchoung Ta Tchen

In the late 1960's he created the "Double Form Yang Tai Chi Chuan" a symmetrical Yang Tai Chi form. Since the standard forms favor the right side, Master Tchoung considered this too unbalanced in training the body for health and self-defense skill.tchoungjian.jpg (16894 bytes) (Tai Chi Chuan is the only art that primarily trains the right side).
Sifu also created a set he calls section 9 which combines elements of the Natural School, Tai Chi, Bagua and Hsin-I to help students develop fa-jin and application skills. Though skilled in Sword, Broadsword, and staff he created the Taiji Tuan Kun (Taiji Cane) from his study of Taoist Old Man's Beggar Staff and Green Pond Staff.

Tchoung has taught in Taiwan, South Africa, France, United States and Vancouver, Canada. Students completing his training were issued teaching certificates to verify their credentials to carry on his teachings and lineage.

He began his training in a style called ' Nature Boxing  School' (Tzu-jan p'ai/Zirenmen), a style said to be created by a master nicknamed Dwarf Xu of Szu-ch'uan province  who lived at the end of the Qing Dynasty.  This style was standardized by Tu Hsin-wu/Du Xinwu of Hunan province.  The Nature school is primarily practiced in Hunan and Fukien provinces. Du Xinwu's top student was Wan Laisheng, a friend of Tchoung.  One of the principles of the Nature School is to make the hands as soft as cotton and the trunk as hard as iron. The Nature School emphasizes training in: jing, qi, and shen.

He studied intensively the Emei (Omei) Qi Gong method on Emei (Omei) Mountain with Abbot Hui Gong. Grandmaster Tchoung's teachers included Shi Dao Mei, a student of Tian Zhao-Lin who was a student of Yang Shao Hou, Yang Cheng Fu's older brother. This lineage he call the 'Old Method' which emphasized Taiji as a martial art. Upon befriending Master Zhen Manqing he studied push hands extensively with Master Cheng. In the late 1980's he studied Tai Chi broadsword techniques with the late Wu Tunan. He learned Hsin I Chuan from the great Yuan Tao and Wang Hsu Chin. He studied Bagua Zhang from Master Wang Hsu Chin.

His colleagues and practice partners included: Wang Hsu Chin, Kuo Lien Ying, Wang Yen Nien, T.T. Liang, Chang Qing Lin, Chen Pan Ling, William C.C. Chen, and many others.  He took several trips back to China to seek out other Masters to learn from them. His last teacher and friend was Wu Tunan.

Master Tchoung encouraged his students to learn from many instructors to expand their knowledge and skills. In addition, one of his common answers to some questions was: "You yourself!"  He encouraged us to study hard, train diligently, learn from many, and think for ourselves. Certified instructors in the U.S. are: Andrew Dale, Harvey Kurland, Donald Scott, Kerry Brooks, David Harris (deceased).

Grandmaster Tchoung's system includes:

Applications Demonstration at the
1996 Tai Chi Conference
O'mei Chi Kung
Zhan Zhuang
Symmetrical Yang long form
Symmetrical Yang short form
Push Hands
Partner Tai Chi form
Tai Chi Sword
Partner Sword
Tai Chi Broadsword
Partner Broadsword
Tai Chi Cane
Partner Cane
Section 9 Fast Form
Bagua Zhang
Xing Yi Quan
Double Swords
Kun Lin Mt. Sword


In 1995 sifu published a book containing his teachings and Double Form Tai Chi Chuan.
This book is used as a guideline instructors teaching Master Tchoung method.